Our Trip to Australia

There’s really no easy way to get to Australia from the east coast of the US. It is just far.

March 11, 2022- March 13, 2022

A long flight. A lot of waiting in line under the best of circumstances. COVID pandemic travel, plus moving houses, plus traveling with two little kids… Well, that adds a couple of layers of complexity to an already long journey. But, hey, we made it! And several quite wonderful blessings came our way as we traveled.

Blessing #1: Macca (Andrew) found two giant luggage dollies for our many bags right when we arrived at the airport in Boston.

Blessing #2: Little M was a superstar while we waited in a very, very, very long line to check in.

Blessing #3 After a very long and tedious check in process (passports and COVID cards and visas, oh my!), the rep from Qatar Airways did not charge us for the little bit overweight that a few of our bags were.

Blessing #4 On our second 13 hour flight (nevermind about the first 13 hours), everyone got to sit together, had lots of room and got quite a bit of sleep.

Blessing #5 The food on Qatar Airways is actually quite good. They served some interesting and tasty dishes, and it seemed like the menu designers and chefs were actually concerned about flavor and nutrition.

Blessing #6 We finished both flights safely, and all of our bags (so. many. bags.) arrived with us.

Blessing #7 After realizing that our pick up at the airport was not going to arrive— this despite Macca having booked and paid the reservation, received a confirmation number and confirmed by phone after our arrival— our Gold Coast host and founder of GoodMix Foods, Jeanie McClymont, her daughter, Jahna, and partner, Brad, drove over an hour to the airport in two cars (see above about the bags), picked us up around 10pm, brought us back to their home, fed us and tucked us in. This was all done with love, kindness and a good sense of humor.

Whew. It was a lot. Adjusting to the time changes and the weather was no small task. We all, including the kids, worked hard to make the trip possible. With our determination and a fleet of prayers and well-wishes from people who love us, we made it.

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