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Each of us comes to fermentation for our own reasons. I arrived here because I need this craft and these foods in my life. Let's wander together through recipes, bloopers, products and events. I look forward to learning from you. Thank you for trusting me with your journey.

Healing the world, one gut at a time

Plastics and ingredients— two topics close to my heart which deserve a bit of explanation. Check out “What’s Crockin’” if you want to read the whole stories.

  • Jim B, East Montpelier VT
    I bought a jar of Simply Sauerkraut on Saturday at the Farmers Market in Montpelier. It is outstanding kraut! I love sauerkraut and have eaten a lot of it in my life. I was born in West Germany and lived there for several years when I was younger. This kraut is very reminiscent of some of the best German kraut I have eaten. I’ll definitely be a regular customer.
    Jim B, East Montpelier VT
  • Eneida and Bruce Aguilar via Farmers to You
    Regarding Gratitude Sauerkraut: Love it. Love the cranberries in this! As others have written, the beautiful color adds to any plate. This one is not too spicy either. Fantastic paired with the Farmers To You pierogies!
  • Sarah M, Waitsfield VT
    Five Karat Kraut is my favorite thing ever!! When I realized it was running low til next season, I promptly ran around town buying every last jar I could find.
    Sarah M, Waitsfield VT
  • Nonie V via FarmersToYou.com
    Regarding Sunshine Sauerkraut: “God, this is good. Really inventive combination of tangy spices. A staple for me now.”
  • Pamela P via FarmersToYou.com
    “Yummy Cauliflower Sunshine Pickles! I have been enjoying these as part of a sort of Ploughman's Lunch with toasted Sprouternickel bread and various good cheeses.... Tastes healthy and fresh and a nice change in the wintertime.”
    Pamela P via FarmersToYou.com
  • Lucia C via FarmersToYou.com
    “Superb. I love Gratitude Sauerkraut. The taste is perfect and the texture is fresh.”
    Lucia C via FarmersToYou.com
  • Nonie V via FarmersToYou.com
    Regarding Cauliflower Sunshine Pickles: “Just as good as the others but in delicious chunks. You make fermentation sexy.”
  • Naomi R via FarmersToYou.com
    “Never was a big sauerkraut fan. Before trying this Gratitude Sauerkraut, I can’t say I enjoyed eating sauerkraut. Definitely a game changer. Soooo delicious and adds beautiful color to any meal too! Try warming it up a little before serving.”
    Naomi R via FarmersToYou.com
  • Susan H via FarmersToYou.com
    Regarding Gratitude Sauerkraut: “The first Kraut I've really liked! I'm trying to increase my fermented foods intake and this is the first sauerkraut that I can say I'm enjoying. Hurrah!”
    Susan H via FarmersToYou.com
  • Sung C via FarmersToYou.com
    Regarding Sunshine Sauerkraut, “This was so tart. It also tasted like kimchi! but I realized as the days passed, that it became sweeter. The texture is closer to fresh slaw than to sauerkraut, so will try to cook it. It’s refreshing, quite crunchy, and tart— very tasty.”
    Sung C via FarmersToYou.com
  • Anne S, Northfield VT
    “Your Spicy Kimchi is my absolute favorite.”
    Anne S, Northfield VT
  • Callie W, Warren VT
    “I wanted to say that your sunny jars of health have really sustained me over the winter months.  I’m purchasing them at Mehuron's and different varieties, but I have some almost every evening as part of my supper.  It’s the little things these days that bring satisfaction.”
    Callie W, Warren VT
  • Brenda C, Moretown VT

    “Approximately four years ago, I was a vendor at The Moretown Artisans’ Sale and I met Bek, who offered me a sample of Vermont Fermentation Adventure’s (VFA) kombucha.  It was ‘love at first taste!’  Surprisingly, I had never heard of, or tasted kombucha before, and I have since become a regular kombucha drinker.  I love the variety of flavors offered by VFA, and I have never had a flavor I didn’t like.  In addition, I’ve learned what a popular, health-promoting beverage it is, and I have to say: if you do not take advantage of VFA’s  offerings, you are missing out!  They are delicious!”

    Brenda C, Moretown VT
  • Haley B, Stowe VT

    “Beki is a bright light in our community and there’s no one i’d rather have creating my fermentation medicine! Her offerings are deeply rooted in community as she makes it a priority to showcase the local farmers and the local land in all that she does. Beki’s offerings are inspired, curious, and nourish you whole being from body to mind to spirit. In my house, a meal isn’t complete until there’s a sprinkle of Sunshine Sauerkraut topping it off!”

    Haley B, Stowe VT
  • Julia P, Warren VT
    “VFA’s Cauliflower Sunshine Pickles, Spicy Half-Sour Pickles, Celtic & Firecracker Krauts are must haves in my fridge!  They are a good ‘go to’ snack with a bonus of a probiotic boost. I enjoy seeing Beki at the Farmers’ Market and being able to get her products at my local grocery store during the winter months.”
    Julia P, Warren VT
  • Maryanne G, Waitsfield VT
    “I’m enjoying the Gratitude Sauerkraut (cranberry on top is a nice touch) and Spicy Kimchi. It’s great to have the bigger jars in when you’re hiding from the COVID spike. Thanks again for feeding me.”
    Maryanne G, Waitsfield VT
  • Janice S, Barre Town VT
    “I’m thrilled to report that my first order with Vermont Fermentation Adventures will be the first in a long line of future orders. My purchase consisted of the Spicy Kimchi, the Sunshine Sauerkraut, the Cauliflower Sunshine Pickles, and the Celtic Kraut. At the first bite of each, the word “WOW” repeated itself in my head over and over. It’s hard to describe the vibrancy of flavor with each recipe, the crunchy snap of the fresh ingredients, and the incredibly detailed nuances of the expertly balanced flavors. I realize now that I’ve never known what real sauerkraut and pickles should be! I’ll never go back to those limp, overly processed, chemical-laden store bought brands again.”
    Janice S, Barre Town VT