Cauliflower Sunshine Pickles

VT organic (OG) cauliflower, well water, VT OG carrots, VT OG onions, Celtic Sea Salt®, VT OG garlic, OG ginger, OG turmeric, and OG ground and whole seed spices.

Celtic Kraut—Celtic Kraut is making room for some seasonal treasures and, thus, is out of stock until September 2023.

All ingredients are certified organic: VT green cabbage, VT leeks, Celtic Sea Salt®, dill weed and dill seed

Firecracker Kraut

A Spicy Kraut! VT organic cabbage, VT organic jalapeños, organic garlic, Celtic Sea Salt®, homegrown horseradish, red chilis (fresnos, cayenne, cherry bomb, serrano, etc, depending on availability), and habaneros.

Gratitude Sauerkraut

VT organic red and green cabbage, VT apples, VT cranberries, Celtic Sea Salt® and organic ginger.

Kimchi Hot Sauce— fermented, raw and medium+ spicy

VFA's Spicy Kimchi Brine, VT organic (OG) cayenne peppers, VT OG garlic, VT OG habaneros, VT maple syrup, VT OG cilantro, OG lime juice and Celtic Sea Salt®

Simply Sauerkraut

A delicious and economical choice! VT organic red or green cabbage and Celtic Sea Salt®.

Spicy Kimchi is temporarily out of stock due to difficulties sourcing organic napa cabbage. It should be available in early June in its seasonal form, Spicy Kimchi Rampage.

Medium spicy. All vegetables are certified organic: napa cabbage, VT carrots, VT daikon, VT turnips, VT onions (or VT ramps in the Rampage), Celtic Sea Salt®, ginger, garlic and organic spices. The ramps are wild-crafted and sustainably harvested, but not certified organic.

Sunshine Sauerkraut

All ingredients are certified organic: VT green cabbage, VT carrots, VT onions, VT parsnips, Celtic Sea Salt®, VT garlic, ginger, turmeric and ground black pepper

Sauerkraut and Spicy Kimchi shots/brines/tonics in 16 oz. bottles

These are the tangy, tasty, live-cultured liquids that form as the veggies and spices ferment. Drink as is or use in place of a vinegar or hot sauce.
Let me know in the box above how many bottles and which flavor(s) of brine you would like or any other brine thoughts or questions you have.

Kombucha Starter Kits

Making your own kombucha is fun, economical and great for the environment. VFA's Kombucha Starter Kit contains a kombucha SCOBY—or mother—kombucha vinegar, enough organic loose leaf tea for your first quart and gallon, enough organic unbleached sugar for your first quart, a cloth and elastic for your fermenting vessel, instructions and ongoing support.

Kombucha ordering information

Where's the Kombucha?

Friends, the kombucha flavors and sizes change too quickly for me to keep up with the order form. If you would like to order kombucha, please email me ([email protected]) or send me a text (802.324.2122) and we'll make a plan.

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