Simply Sauerkraut

Green cabbage pileAre probiotics just for the Rich People? Or the People Who Don’t Mind Spending A Lot Of Money On Groceries People. As leanly as we try to run our fermentation ship, stuff still costs money. Lately, more money. Some would say, too much money.

Paying our workers fairly costs money. Avoiding using plastics as much as we can costs money. Supporting our wonderful partners in food justice, Community Harvest of Central Vermont, costs money. Amidst all of the fun, work and expense of running a Fermentery, we strive to price our products fairly. And we’ve got to cover our bills, so there you go, veggie ferments— especially those with fancy ingredients— are expensive.

Just like its name, Simply Sauerkraut is simple to make and simply delicious. We mix either red cabbage, green cabbage, or a combination of both, our magical, wet, gray, trace mineral rich Celtic Sea Salt®, allow it to ferment and package it in pints when it is ready. The simplicity of the manufacturing process and the ingredients allows our associated costs to be lower than they are for the other superstars.

If you, or someone you love, would like to stick a fork in a jar of ferments for less than $10, consider checking out our Simply Sauerkraut. It is only available by Curbside Pickup and at Farmers’ Markets and Events. With this beautiful fermentation adventure, we hope that we’re taking another important step toward bringing Probiotics to More of the People.

Product Details

Organic Green and/or Red cabbage, Celtic Sea Salt®, and love.
An additional cost saving choice has been for us to not purchase Nutrition Facts for the Simply Sauerkraut at this time.

Beki with Giant CabbageWe created this kraut in order to offer a more affordable option to our amazing consumers through direct sales. My daughter would hear that sentence and think, “Blah, blah, blah….”  with an accompanying young adult eyeroll. We ended up with another delicious kraut in our lineup that we can’t resist! Simply Sauerkraut is a great place to begin your fermentation adventure. What does it go with? Everything. How should you eat it? As often and as joyfully as you can.

Organic cabbage from Bear Roots Farm.
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